Sitting south-east of Otley is the Chevin Forest Park. A large area, mostly woodlands, offering various opportunities for exploration, exercise, picnic spots and spectacular views of the Yorkshire market town Otley.

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On my most recent visit, Izzy, my girlfriend and I were accompanied by our friends and their two dogs that they look after from time to time, George and Molly. Luckily all three are great dogs, if I do say so myself, and are excellent of the lead – stipulated by Leeds Council if you want your furry friends to explore The Chevin with more freedom. George and the two girls had a fantastic time exploring the beautiful meadows and the large areas of woodland, collecting sticks and generally loving the range of smells and sounds. Unfortunately for Michael Phelps, or Izzy as we know her, there isn’t much in the way of swimming so she made do with a paddle in the stream.

‘Surprise View’ offers picturesque panoramic views of the Wharfe Valley, overlooking the beautiful town of Otley. ‘The Chevin’, as it’s known locally, is without a doubt a pretty area that is waiting for that perfect picnic with loved ones, or simply, a steady afternoon’s walk.

It’s a regular occurrence that Otley has an events on of some description, so it could be worth building some time in to your visit to take a short drive down in to the Valley and pay a visit to the Bronze Age settlement.

If you’re looking for that new place to visit with pad-foot, The Chevin is that place.

Overall score: 80%


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