With multiple trails to follow through “73 hectares of ancient woodland”, Haw Park Wood offers a simplistic yet appealing opportunity for a casual afternoon stroll, 4 miles outside of Wakefield.


Visiting on a snowy afternoon, the woods offered a whole variety of footpath networks suitable for all-weathers, through the woodland. Haw Park Wood offers a range of routes to take on multiple visits, with access to local villages such as Walton and Royston. Additionally, access to The Trans Penine Trail along the Barnsley Canal is a further opportunity for extending your walk.

Our dear friends with keen noses will love the diverse habitat that the nature reserve offers. I’m quite thankful that I can trust Izzy to be off of the lead. Otherwise, I think I’d spend most of my time at Haw Park Wood stood waiting for those Retriever instincts to move on to the next patch.

According to Friends of Haw Park Wood & Wintersett, ‘The Rangers patrol the site and together with the Friends of Haw Park Wood organise an events programme including Bat Evenings, Fungi Foray, and Historical Walks and Activity Days.’ I’ve personally not visited whilst any of these events are taking place, yet I’m sure they’re a welcome addition to a well looked after woodland.

Personally, we did enjoy our visit to Haw Park Wood. Combine your visit here with a walk around the Anglers Country Park; it’s perfect for a sunny afternoon picnic. As a standalone visit, I think I’d rather travel to nearby Newmillerdam Country Park just down the road.

Overall Score: 68%


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