Claiming to shoot tennis balls up to 50ft in to the air, Nerf (known for their foam-based weaponry) have developed products for our furry friends. This range includes a ‘blaster’ designed to launch tennis balls.

I bought Izzy the blaster from my local pet store for £19.99, with one complementary Nerf tennis ball. A bouncy labrador-retriever was desperate to be taken to our nearby field. Initial reaction? Unimpressed. Having up until this point used generic tennis ball slingers, available from various stores (eg. Pound Stretcher), the benefit of pulling a trigger as opposed to a short exertion of force truly wasn’t worth the extra £18.99. Not to mention the real lack of distance, compared to the advertised 50ft.

After a short period of time with the blaster, maximising its potential through physically thrusting the gun in sync with a pull of the trigger, I was won over. Boys and there toys for sure. I stand by my previous comment and comparison, however keeping your dog on its toes for which direction the ball is heading to is always a perk. If your darling pooch is anything like mine, they’re running before you’ve even drawn your arm back.

I’m not convinced the blaster is anything more than a gimmick, yet it’s oddly satisfying. Would I recommend you go to your local pet store and buy one? Probably not. Should you be the type who likes their gadgets, then go for it. It’s never going to hurt to convince your fur-baby that you’ve spoiled them (once again).



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