I should probably begin by saying that this particular review is for Stew & Oyster, Boston Spa. However, at the time of writing, there are now several located around Yorkshire: Roundhay (Oakwood), Leeds City Centre (Calls Landing), Otley and coming soon to Sheffield (Kelham Island).

Photo credit: all (stewandoyster.com)

Having been a regular customer at Stew & Oyster, I can whole-heartedly recommend this place for a casual drink or food (assuming you like either Stew or Oysters). The menu consists of predominantly stew’s, varying from Lamb Hot Pot, to Thai Pork Belly, to Veggie Potato Gnocchi: all are reasonably priced at either £5.50 or £6.50. I would regularly order, for two, two stews and two large wines and not be expecting to pay anything more than £20-25. What a bargain for a beautiful stew, a large piece of fresh bread (perfect for dunking) and a lovely Malbec.

If stew isn’t your thing, there are a small number of different oysters you could go for, or alternatively the menu does have an aptly titled “The Not Stew or Oyster Bit” offering various platters of cheese and/or meats, or a selection of sandwiches and sausages.

The staff have always been very helpful and more than happy to accommodate yours and your pups needs. Summer time here is lovely with large bi-folding doors opening out to a lovely outdoor sun trap just to the side of the building. It’s definitely a place you can visit with/without your furry friend, through the day or at night for a lovely date or a number of social drinks.

I’ve visited here a number of times both with and without my pooch, but when she’s around, just behind Stew & Oyster is the River Wharfe, with a variety of different paths to take by the river-side, one of which leads all the way to Wetherby, another beautiful market-town on the very outskirts of Leeds. I personally can’t wait to try the other Stew & Oyster’s around Leeds, but I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in Boston Spa.

Overall score: 86%


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